I had a crazy conversation with Mick Davies (previous owner of Wrickton Hall) early 2019 (June time) about me taking over Wrickton Hall, as a going concern. I was planning on a complete change of job in August 2020, I had to consider the opportunity NOW (2019 12 months earlier then planned). Well, decision made and here I am, only four months after the conversation. New home, new job….. living the good life. Moving into the countryside and enjoying more space and leaving the rat race behind.

Back then there was much to do to make it my home, but with hard work and determination, Wrickton Hall will be everything I want it to be.

So far so good…….. With a massive, massive thank you to my family who have been golden helping me with lots of hard work since I moved in, helping me to achieve my dream. Without them it would not have been possible.

My family have always be dog lovers….. We started with a golden cocker spaniel called LADY…… you guessed it ‘Lady and the Tramp’ (showing my age now). I then had an Afgan hound, Sir Marmaduke (Duke for short). My sister had Sheba an Old English sheep dog (Dulux advert). Now she has Woody a Lurcher and ‘Arsey’ Archie a Yorkshire terrier with a little attitude. My niece has a Patterdale terrier known to me as ‘Boyfriend’ Ben and Buzz (Woody’s brother). All of which are frequent visitors at Wrickton Hall.

One thing that topped my list of things to do was get/have at least ONE dog of my own. All of a sudden I have two dogs. Mia a Belgium Tervuren and Marley a GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer), both ex-residents/boarders that were gifted to me by their owners (thank you Brian and Kelvin).

I am now a pet first aider with a certificate to prove it. Unfortunately the knowledge for this training has only been called upon a couple of times since gaining it.

Wrickton Hall Dog Boarding is also a members of the Association of Dog Boarders. A great source of reference and help for dog boarding and improving the services offered.