Wrickton Hall Home Dog Boarding Prices

Prices for Home from home dog boardingOur pet retreat offers a home from home experience for your dog while you’re away. Unlike traditional dog kennels, your pet stays in our home as part of the family. We have plenty of space here at Wrickton, whether your dog wants to curl up by the fireplace, or wishes to have time-out in any of our other rooms. Outside we have a large garden where your dog will have supervised play with other dogs, and plenty of surrounding countryside where we can take them for walks.

Prices start from £20 per night per dog.

Discounts are available for owners of more than one dog.

Doggy Day Care Prices

We have a few spaces to look after your dog for the day while you are at work. Opening time for doggy day care is 8am – 6pm.

Half day £10

Full day £15