First House Guests


Posted by Stephanie Cartwright-randle | Posted in Dog Boarding, Latest News | Posted on 23-04-2014

These past couple of weeks have seen the first doggy house guests here at Wrickton Hall, and so far it has been a complete pleasure. It’s almost like running a B and B but with a different kind of conversation. Mornings mean out in the garden for obvious ablutions then in for breakfast, a good playtime outside in the sun that we have been blessed with, a long walk, and cuddles on the sofa in the evenings.

Our first house guest was Drake, a beautiful Staffie, who loved to play in the garden, playing fetch with his toys and any stick that he brought back from his walks; we had quite a collection by the time he went home, and we would have had even more if he could have moved some of the logs he wanted to!

We have also had a very lively pair of puppies; Blue Staffie sisters, thankfully with coloured ID tags on their collars; the only way to tell them apart. They were hugely energetic, but long country walks would leave them cuddled up on our laps at the end of the day.

No doubt we will meet many more dogs as the year progresses, and many more of their owners too, I hope that we can continue our trend of sending the dogs home with everyone, both human and canine, happy with their holiday experience.

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